Great Review of “Thugs” in the Dallas Weekly!

Here’s a review of Thugs, The Musical** in the Dallas Weekly, from Melyssah Jade Colerangle!  Check it out…

Melyssah Jade Colerangle with Kevin Avery after a screening of "Thugs" at the Texas Black Film Festival

**It should be noted that the director of Thugs, The Musical is actually Liam Sullivan and NOT Kevin Avery, as indicated in the review.


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Write-Up on The MIX Film Festival!

Richmond Magazine ( posted a nice article about the MIX International Short Film Festival that took place February 17-19 in Richmond, Virginia.  The article also mentions the Audience Choice award win in the “Other” category for Thugs, The Musical.  Check out the article right here…

Kevin Avery answers a question about "Thugs" during a filmmaker Q&A (Photo by Liz Lukens)



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“Thugs, The Musical” East Coast Premiere THIS SATURDAY in Richmond, VA!

Yes, friends in Richmond, VA and the D.C. area, Thugs, The Musical is coming to you THIS SATURDAY, Feb 18th as part of the Mix International Short Film Festival!  They’ll be screening the film at 2pm in the historic Byrd Theater in Richmond.


So far, response to the film has been great.  Here’s what they had to say about it in Dallas:

Thugs, The Musical was hands down, THE funniest and wittiest film at the TBFF 2012 fest! Welcome to a new generation of black social parody.”
- Festival Director, Texas Black Film Festival

So, if you’re in the Richmond, VA or DC area, or you’re just somewhere on the East Coast and don’t mind traveling long distances to see movies, come see “Thugs” and a ton of other great short films this Saturday, Feb 18th at 2pm at the Byrd Theater!

To get tickets online, CLICK HERE!


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Best Short Film Nomination for “Thugs, The Musical”

Well guys, our world premiere at the Texas Black Film Festival was a huge success!

Even before the film screened, I was approached a bunch of times by either festival staff who had already viewed “Thugs” and loved it, or by filmmakers and festival attendees who had heard of the film and couldn’t wait to see it!  It was a humbling, awesome, and surreal feeling all at once.

Thugs, The Musical made its premiere on Friday night along with the Bernie Mac documentary I Ain’t Scared of You.  As a comedian, it was an incredible honor to have our movie screened alongside a film that paid tribute to such a comedy titan.  It was even more mind-blowing to sit in a theater full of people laughing at what we put on the screen, including things I didn’t even realize were funny (a comic’s dream).

And as if all that wasn’t cray enough, Thugs, The Musical was nominated for Best Short Film!  And as if that wasn’t cray-cray enough, I got to meet not 1 but 2 of my film/acting heroes: Robert Townsend writer/director of Hollywood Shuffle and – one of my favorite movies of all time - The Five Heartbeats, and Law & Order‘s S. Epatha Merkerson, both of whom had films making their premieres in the festival, as well.

Not to worry, everybody; I resisted the urge to address Ms. Merkerson as "Lu", even after we'd all been drinking.

Big thanks go out to David Smalls and everyone at the Texas Black Film Festival for inviting us and making it such a great time.  And, again, thanks to all of you who made the film possible with your generosity and belief in me.

Finally a special thank you goes out to all of the cast and crew of Thugs, The Musical for birthin’ this baby!  I can’t believe how lucky I was in getting to work with such a cool, super-talented, and simply awesome group of people.  The whole experience was amazing, and the ride for “Thugs” is just beginning.  Thank you!

Richmond, VA, we’ll see you very soon!

- Kevin Avery

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Here Comes the Wrongness!

YEEESSSS, the Thugs, The Musical official poster is finally here!  “Thugs” is coming ya’ll, and this is what it looks like…

Come see the WORLD PREMIERE of Thugs, The Musical at the Texas Black Film Festival in Dallas, THIS FRIDAY, Feb 3rd at 10pm at the Studio Movie Grill!  GET TICKETS HERE.

And if you’re in the DC/Virginia area, see “Thugs” make its EAST COAST PREMIERE at the Mix International Short Film Festival on Saturday, Feb 18th at 2pm in Richmond, VA at the historic Byrd Theater! GET TICKETS HERE.

More dates and updates will be announced soon!

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“Thugs, The Musical” WORLD PREMIERE IN DALLAS!!!

   Well everybody, it’s been a long road from funding to shooting and post-production, and now to the festival circuit – none of which we could have done without help and support from you guys.  So, I’m incredibly excited to announce to all of you that Thugs, The Musical will be making its WORLD PREMIERE NEXT WEEK IN DALLAS at the Texas Black Film Festival!!!

The Texas Black Film Festival runs from Wednesday, Feb 1st thru Saturday, Feb 4th.  “Thugs” will be playing on Friday, Feb 3rd at 10pm at The Studio Movie Grill in Dallas.  And I’m incredibly honored that the fest is showing our film with the Bernie Mac tribute film, I Ain’t Scared of You.  So, if you’re in the Dallas area, or you’re crazy enough to fly/drive/boat/hot-air balloon to Dallas, you can purchase tickets ($8) to see Thugs, The Musical with I Ain’t Scared of You RIIIGHT HERE!

And if that wasn’t enough, 2 weeks after that, “Thugs” will be making it’s EAST COAST DEBUT in RICHMOND, VA at the Mix International Short Film Festival! I’m looking at you, friends of mine in DC and all of Virginia!

The Mix International Short Film Festival takes place Friday, Feb 17th thru Sunday, Feb 19th.  Thugs, The Musical will be screening on Saturday, Feb 18th at Richmond, Virginia’s historic Byrd Theater in the 2pm shorts block.  And yours truly will also be taking part in a Q&A with the filmmakers after the screening.  To get tickets ($7) to see the film (including the other short films shown in the 2pm block), click RIIIGHT HERE!

We’ll be announcing more screenings in more cities in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned.  And I know what a lot of you are thinking.  “Hey, that’s awesome Kev, but where’s my crap?”  We are working on that right now, and will finally start rolling out your donor gifts very soon.  It’s been a hectic, crazy process, so I really appreciate all of your patience.

Again, thank you so much.  I’ll have more updates again for you all very soon, including posts, pics, and even video from our Dallas and Richmond, VA screenings!

Keep it gangsta!

- Kevin Avery

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“Thugs, The Musical” Cast and Producers



“Thugs” Crew: Daresha Kyi (exec producer), Kevin Avery (writer, exec producer, “Michael”), David Alan Grier (“Peppermint”), Margaret Cho (“Yvette”), Keri Smith (producer), Nefertiti Lovelace (producer)






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A Big Ol’, Long-Ass “Thugs, The Musical” Update

Thug Nation…

It’s been so long since we’ve talked; and I know what you’re saying: “Well, we’ve been right here, Kevin?  Where the hell have you been?”

Well, I know I’ve been MIA, but haven’t forgotten about you guys!  The production staff, crew and cast have been crazy busy with the film since you’ve last heard from us, but the great news is that a lot has and is happening on the Thugs, The Musical front, and I’m crazy excited to tell you about it.  So, here’s where we’re at:

We’ve completely finished shooting the film and it’s now in post-production – being edited, sound-mixed, color corrected, and all that good stuff.  I’ve seen it.  It’s looking good.  It’s looking really good, actually, and I can’t wait for you all to see it too!

In the meantime, the making of the soundtrack is underway.

“Soundtrack?” you say.

“Soundtrack, indeed,” I reply.

All the songs from the film are being co-written and produced by composer Alex Burke, and will be featured on the soundtrack.  So you can look forward to hearing some of your favorite thug anthems, like “Break Yo’self”, “Who’s that Keepin’ it Real”, “Ballad of a White Guy”, and more, as well as some other surprises.  In fact, I’m going into Alex’s studio today to record one of my favorite songs from the film, “Drive By”!  Yes, people…gangstalicious!

“So, what’s next, Kevin?” you ask…

Well a few things.  Let’s list them…

For starters, we’ll be completing the film in the next week or two and will begin submitting it to film festivals like Sundance, South by Southwest, and Slamdance to name a few.

We’ll also be adding content to, so you’ll be able to see set photos, behind the scenes videos and get other updates and info about the film, the cast, and the characters.

We’re working on the DVD which will have all kinds of extra features – behind the scenes stuff, cast interviews, cast and director commentary and, if I can make this happen, commentary from my parents.  My mom is reading this for the first time, so fingers crossed, e’rybody!

The “Thank You” rap is coming!  I say again, the “Thank You” rap is coming!  I promise, you haven’t missed it, and I haven’t forgotten!

What else is coming?  Your donation gift packages!  Now that the film is just about done, we’re working on putting those together.  There are a lot of you guys, and a lot of things to pull together,  so it’s gonna take a little bit, but we are gonna get them out to you as soon as we can.

And finally…MORE UPDATES SOON!  I’ll be in touch with you guys, letting you know what’s going, and posting some videos and cool stuff from the production very, very regularly from now on.  This includes when the official release of the film will be, and when/how/where you guys will all be able to see it, so stay tuned!

And finally finally, I want to give another big THANK YOU to all of you!  Aside from making this film happen, you’ve also helped me to have the experience of a lifetime in being able to make it and work with some truly amazing people.  It’s been a dream come true, and it’s really just beginning!  I can’t thank you enough.

Much love and thuggery!


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