L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Fest: ACCEPTED!

Awwww snap!  Friends, we just got word today that Thugs, The Musical has been selected to screen at the L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival where it will make its West Coast premiere!!!

This is kind of a homecoming for us, as the screenplay for the “Thugs” was a finalist (top 3, baby) in last years LA Comedy Shorts Fest, so we’re incredibly excited to be invited back this year to show the finished film.

So if you’re in the L.A. area, this is your chance to come see it screened for the first time in L.A. (or anywhere on the West Coast, for that matter).  And hopefully we’ll have some cast and crew joining us for the event, so come on out and watch it with us!

The L.A. Comedy Shorts Festival takes place April 26-29 in downtown Los Angeles.  As soon as we know the date and time that “Thugs” will be screened, we’ll be posting it here and screaming it from every rooftop we can find, so stay tuned!

As always, thanks so much for your support, and keep it hood, ya’ll.

– Kevin Avery

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